PICNIC on PLUTO is a simple game on the Phonics Play website that I've been using as an end of session plenary activity during whole class phonics sessions. The game is pretty simple, children are presented with words which they must decode; fake words must be fed to Obb, and real words to Bob. Word of warning to teachers with boisterous children, Bob's burping seemed to draw out a pretty crazy reaction from my class, and there were a few times I've "forgotten" to turn the sound on just to keep them a bit calmer.
I initially found it a bit pointless that the game featured nonsense words, however, realising that the Year 1 Phonics Screening Test that they will sit in a few months will also contain similar nonsense words, I can see why. Personally, after a brief read up on the Test, I am still unsure about its utility. I can imagine more able readers needing to sit it early, to avoid being "held back" so to speak, but I admit I need to look further into it. This is, however, a great example of how ICT can be brilliant for 

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Really gooooooooooooooooood

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